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Long Island NY

If you want to customize your Jeep, truck or SUV, then you're in the right place! With over 20 years of experience, AutoKicks is a custom jeep shop in Long Island, NY specializing in Jeep Lifts.

We can build, repair and modify your Jeep to meet your vision thanks to our passionate Jeep staff who are genuine Jeep specialists. From lift kits to wheels and accessories, we can give your vehicle a new touch personality and potential. Get in touch with us to make you Jeep dream a reality!

Jeep Lift Shop, Long Island NY

Installing a lift kit is extremely difficult if you don't have the technical know-how. Our expert Jeep Lift Shop staff can take care of it for you, ensuring your vehicle is set-up perfectly to tear up the dirt without any problems. We'll transform your Jeep or truck into an off-road monster!

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Jeep and Truck Lift Kits

Jeep lift kits are essential for anyone that wants to enjoy off-road driving without problems. Lift kits are designed to lift your vehicle to increase the amount of clearance you have from the fender. Larger tires are also put in, which is a game-changer for off-road driving. Ideally, you should go for a suspension lift kit that raises both the body and the frame of the truck. If you only raise the body, you may lose stability.

Truck and Jeep Accessories

Acessories allow you to personalize your Jeep and make it unique to your style. There are many Jeep, truck and SUV specific accessories that we can supply you including:

  • Stereos
  • Grab Handles
  • Door Sill Guards
  • Spare Tire Carriers
  • Roof Rack
  • LED Accent Lighting
  • Shock and Sway Bars
  • Helper Springs and Airbags
  • And Much More!
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Jeep Wheels and Tires

One of the most popular ways to modify your Jeep or truck is through custom wheels and tires. Whether you want to tackle muddy trails, rocky mountains or improve your gas mileage - we can fit the perfect wheels and tires.

Autokicks' Custom Jeep Shop carries all major brands of aftermarket wheels and tires, including Fuel, XD series, KMC, and more. We will find the right package for you and get you rollin' with a unique new look.

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Jeep Build and Performance

Whether you're looking for off-road performance, an increase in engine power, better gas mileage or custom bodywork, we can make your vision a reality. Jeep customization is not a one-size-fit alls deal. Our staff are Jeep specialists and know which parts and modifications will get the results you're after.

We use products from the very best brands in the business, including: Savvy, Poison Spyder, Walker Evans, Goodyear, Fox, Raceline, Currie, King, BF Goodrich, Rock Krawler, Revolution Gears & Axles, PSC, Warn, Dynatrac and many more.

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Custom Jeep Shop and Jeep Lift Shop in Long Island, NY

Whether you need a Jeep lift kit, a new paint job or a set of stunning new wheels, we can help. At Autokicks, we have over 20 years of experience and take pride in providing attention to the detail, bolt by bolt. If you're in the market for Jeep customization in Long Island, NY - then give us a call at (631) 585-8880 or stop by 25 Raynor Avenue Ronkonkoma, New York 11779.

Jeep Customization FAQ

No. Here at AutoKicks we work on all kinds of vehicles! With over 20 years of experience in Long Island, we've seen it all.

We can provide lift kits for Jeeps, trucks, SUVs and any other 4x4 vehicle!

Yes! We can perform all factory recommended service on your Jeep to keep it running like new and more!


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